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An alternative: Slack

This post is about joining our e-mail group, but we recognize Slack is a great way to communicate for lots of people.

Questions? Concerns? Find us on

We are very happy to see early responses from the community to anvi’o since the publication of the anvi’o paper in PeerJ. We hope it continues!

We decided that this might be a good time to start an e-mail list where people can ask questions if they run into issues during installation, or later while using the platform. Also an e-mail list can be very useful to send release notes, or other news regarding the platform.

Here is how you can subscribe to it.

Joining the mail list

The e-mail list is served by Google Groups. It is pretty easy to join using this web interface:


You do not need to have a GMail account to subscribe to the list.

For some silly reason, Google Groups sets the “no e-mail” option for new members by default. Please change it to “all e-mail” (otherwise you will not get any e-mails from the group).

Messages from the group will have the word [anvio] in their subjects, based on which you can filter them in a directory in your e-mail client so they don’t clutter your inbox.

Sending e-mails to the list

To send an e-mail, compose your message for this address:


After joining to the list, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the list to say hi! You know .. for testing whether it works or not.

Leaving the list

Every e-mail from the group will have enough information in its footer to help you leave the group. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to this address, and follow the instructions in the response e-mail: