Microbial 'omics

Publicly available data for Eren et al. 2015 PeerJ

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The manuscript, published on 2015-10-08: Anvi’o: An advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data.

The anvi’o profiles here will run with a much earlier version of anvi’o. If you would like to work with them, please checkout your anvi’o codebase to this commit. Please don’t hesitate to write us if you need assistance.

Daily Infant Gut Samples by Sharon et al.

Raw data and anvi’o results for the section on supervised binning and the analysis of the variability in genome bins.

Pensacola Beach Samples by Overholt et al. and Rodriguez-R et al.

Raw data and anvi’o results for the section on linking cultivar genomes with metagenomes.

  • While this address gives access to the anvi’o summary of the ten cultivar genomes (download), this one serves the 56 metagenomic bins (download) shown in Figure 4.
  • You can download the output of anvi-merge for the mapping of metagenomes to Overholt cultivars from here, and the output for anvi-merge for metagenomic bins is available here.

Gulf of Mexico Samples by Mason et al., and Yergeau et al.

Results for the section on linking metagenomes, metatranscriptomes, and single-cell genomes.

Media and Supplementary files