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anvi-analyze-synteny [program]

This program helps you extract synteny patterns from a group of similar loci or genomes. This is accomplished by deconstructing contigs into Ngrams (group of neighboring genes of which N is the number of genes) using a sliding window method. Once completed, anvi'o will export a table with Ngrams for you to work with. If more than one annotation source is provided, please designate which annotation_source anvio should use to make the Ngrams with using the –ngram-source parameter (e.g. gene_clusters, COG_FUNCTION). By default anvi'o will ignore Ngrams that contain genes without annotations. If you would like to override this, you can use the –analyze-unknown-functions flag..

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contigs-db genomes-storage-db


No one has described the usage of this program :/ If you would like to contribute, please see previous examples here, and feel free to add a Markdown formatted file in that directory named “anvi-analyze-synteny.md”. For a template, you can use the markdown file for anvi-gen-contigs-database. THANK YOU!

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