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anvi-split [program]

Split an anvi'o pan or profile database into smaller, self-contained pieces. This is usually great when you want to share a subset of an anvi'o project. You give this guy your databases, and a collection id, and it gives you back directories of individual projects for each bin that can be treated as self-contained smaller anvi'o projects. We know you don't read this far into these help menus, but please remember: you will either need to provide a profile & contigs database pair, or a pan & genomes storage pair. The rest will be taken care of. Magic..

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Requires or uses

profile-db contigs-db collection


No one has described the usage of this program :/ If you would like to contribute, please see previous examples here, and feel free to add a Markdown formatted file in that directory named “anvi-split.md”. For a template, you can use the markdown file for anvi-gen-contigs-database. THANK YOU!

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