An anvi'o program. Click info button next to program name to access to the help menu. A full list of anvi'o programs can be found here.

An anvi'o database (special data storage files generated and accessed by anvi'o programs).

An anvi'o concept. Things that are meaningful within anvi'o, generated or used by anvi'o programs.

An anvi'o display for interactive data analysis and visualization.

A TAB-delimited text file.

FASTA-formatted file for sequences in DNA or amino acid alphabet.

Binary SAM, a common file format for widely used mapping software to report short read alignments.

Data files that are often downloaded from external sources.

An anvi'o bin that describes one or more items. Depending on the context, and item could be a contig, gene cluster, or a user-defined concept.

An anvi'o collection. A collection describes one or more bins.

A collection of HMMs. Besides default anvi'o collections, these can be provided by the user.

A JSON-formatted file.

A NEWICK-formatted file.

Summary of numerical information.

An SVG file to generate publication-quality figures.

Anvi'o static summary output HTML page. These are extensive reports of data that can be browsed without an anvi'o installation.