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anvi-script-transpose-matrix [program]

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Transpose a TAB-delimited file.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

view-data functions-txt misc-data-items-txt misc-data-layers-txt gene-calls-txt linkmers-txt

Can provide

view-data functions-txt misc-data-items-txt misc-data-layers-txt gene-calls-txt linkmers-txt


This is a script that transposes tab-delimited files. That’s it.

It’s helpful to get your inputs to line up with the types of inputs that anvi’o expects. Some programs have the --transpose flag, which will run this program for you, but some don’t, and that’s when you’ll have to run it yourself.

For example, anvi’o expects view-data to have each column representing a sample. If the file that you want to integrate into your anvi’o project has the samples as rows and the data attribute as the columns, then you’ll need to anvi-script-transpose-matrix it.

An Example Run

If you have an input ile INPUT.txt that looks like this:

1   2   3   
4   5   6   
7   8   9
10  11  12

And you run this:

anvi-script-transpose-matrix -o INPUT_transposed.txt \ -i INPUT.txt

You’ll get a file called INPUT_transposed.txt that looks like

1   4   7   10
2   5   8   11
3   6   9   12

Edit this file to update this information.

Additional Resources

Are you aware of resources that may help users better understand the utility of this program? Please feel free to edit this file on GitHub. If you are not sure how to do that, find the __resources__ tag in this file to see an example.