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anvi-get-split-coverages [program]

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Export splits and the coverage table from database.

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Can provide


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profile-db contigs-db collection bin


This program returns the nucleotide-level coverage data for a specific set of the splits or gene in your profile-db.

If you want to get the coverage data for all splits in your profile-db, run anvi-export-splits-and-coverages with the flag --splits-mode.

Simply provide a profile-db and contigs-db pair and specify which splits, or gene, you want to look at. You have three ways to do this:

  1. Provide a single split name. (You can list all splits available with --list-splits)

anvi-get-split-coverages -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ -o coverages-txt \ --split-name Day17a_QCcontig9_split_00003

  1. Provide both the name of a bin and the collection it is contained in.

anvi-get-split-coverages -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ -o coverages-txt \ -b bin \ -C collection

You can list all collections available with --list-collections or all bins in a collection with --list-bins. Alternatively, you could run anvi-show-collections-and-bins on your profile-db to get a more comprehensive overview.

  1. Provide a gene caller id and a flanking size (bp).

anvi-get-split-coverages -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ -o coverages-txt \ --gene-caller-id 25961 \ --flank-length 500

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