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Post-doctoral scientists

Currently we are interested in computational people who wish to learn microbiology. If some of these keywords apply to you, please consider sending a CV along with a very short description of your background and research interests to meren at uchicago.edu to start a conversation: human microbiome host-microbe interactions IBD metagenomics metatranscriptomics information theory game theory cryptography network theory Python Javascript C go R scientific visualization software design cultivation biostatistics

Ph.D. Students

If you are interested in doing a rotation in our lab, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And More…

If you are an undergraduate student or an intern who is looking for a challenging but potentially fruitful project related to the human microbiome and/or bioinformatics, please send an e-mail to meren at uchicago.edu.

Do you have other suggestions? Write to us!