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Tips for web developers

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The purpose of this page is to show some of the fancy things our web page can do. If you add new features that are specific to our web code, or discover uses of features that are not described here, please feel free to extend this list.

Marking anvi’o artifacts and programs


In all fairness, an anvi'o {% include ARTIFACT name="contigs-db" text="contigs database" %} is just a FASTA file adjusted to 2020 and is generated by {% include PROGRAM name="anvi-gen-contigs-database" text="a fancy anvi'o program" %}.


In all fairness, an anvi’o contigs database is just a FASTA file adjusted to 2020 and is generated by a fancy anvi’o program.


An anvi'o {% include ARTIFACT name="pan-db" %} comes from {% include PROGRAM name="anvi-pan-genome" %}.


An anvi’o pan-db comes from anvi-pan-genome.

Fancy quotes


An intersting quote.
<div class="blockquote-author">Someone Interesting</div>


An intersting quote.
Someone Interesting


Never load your images directly, and always use this notation, which will enable lazy loading and will standardize all images:

{% include IMAGE path="/path/to/image.png" width=50 %}

Here are some examples:

{% include IMAGE path="https://merenlab.org/logo.png" %}

{% include IMAGE path="some_folder/store_c.gif" width=50 %}

{% include IMAGE path="/images/ref_bg.gif" title="Changing the background color of a layer" width=90 %}