A. Murat Eren (Meren)

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The Chicago Fellows Program is “an internationally competitive postdoctoral fellowship program that supports the career advancement of exceptional women and men in the biological and biomedical sciences”.

If you are eligable to apply, and interested in working with us on outstanding biological questions using cutting edge computational approaches, this could be a great career opportunity.

Here is a reminder about it:

The Chicago Fellows Program application deadline is July 15, 2016. This program is designed to enable to recruit outstanding postdoctoral scientists to the University of Chicago, offering a highly competitive salary and stipend supported by the Division. The program seeks highly qualified postdoctoral candidates who will have either recently completed the PhD or MD degree (within the past 3 years), or will have received their doctoral degree at the time they propose to begin the fellowship.

For more informaiton please visit the Chicago Fellows Program website. If you have an idea or qeustions, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.